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Why Modular?

Over the past 30 years, the term "Modular Building" has gone through several phases. Today modular building is conventional code compliant structures built in a controlled environment and transported in sections to the job site where the sections are put together to form the complete structure.

In recent years modular construction has gained popularity as a green building system, with the efficiencies of factory production, utilization of renewable resources and energy efficiencies.


Modular construction is our specialty and offers many advantages over conventional site built construction.

1. Quality: Built in a factory by a skilled workforce, our buildings are rarely exposed to weather or its extremes and are built to exacting quality control and inspection programs.

2. Speed: Often, a building can be built and installed in about half the time of a conventional site built structure. No weather or contractor delays.

3: Cost: Cost savings over conventional construction is relative to the job site location. Areas with high labor costs and/or limited workforce will see greater savings than areas with low labor costs and available workers. In either case the time value of shorter construction time is a clear advantage with modular construction.

4: Flexibility: Flexibility in design provides sectional buildings in single story or multi-story for a wide variety of uses, homes, apartments, offices, clinics, schools, motels, etc. Multiple modular units can be combined to obtain the desired size and layout required. Often, it's easier to build with sectional buildings than to remodel existing available structures.

5:  Relocatable: Commercial sectional buildings can be converted from one use to another, or relocated, for about 10% - 20% of the original cost, and in some cases (like schools) even less. Residential structures are meant to be permanent structures once installed.


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